Forrester defines Marketing Automation as software that provides “tools and process that help generate new business opportunities, improve potential buyers’ propensity to purchase, manage customer loyalty and increase alignment between marketing activity and revenue.”


MACH3 is the efficient, scalable and measurable way to enhance the productivity of all loan originators. It’s impractical to take a sales-centric CRM and cause it to deliver MACH3’s unique Marketing Automation capabilities – including enterprise-wide execution of compliant marketing, mission-critical analytics and management oversight.


As a complement to enterprise-wide Marketing Automation, it makes sense to provide loan officers with tools to set their personal priorities, manage their sales leads and ensure timely follow-up. That’s why MACH3 incorporates a CRM module. If you have a preferred CRM, it’s a simple matter to integrate it with MACH3 and get the best of both worlds.


How does MACH3

maximize success in the purchase market?

MACH3 delivers end-to-end automated and on-demand marketing that incubates leads, supports applicants in-process, builds customer loyalty and nurtures referral partner relationships – ensuring an efficient flow of profitable business to the point-of-sale.

How does MACH3

minimize the cost of marketing compliance?

MACH3’s built-in authorization and oversight features dramatically cut the cost of ensuring marketing compliance. At the same time they guarantee that marketing is never slowed down. In fact MACH3 speeds up the process of getting sales messages to market.

How does MACH3

minimize the impact of regulation on loan originators?

Loan officers are able to enjoy MACH3’s remarkable capabilities just as easily as marketing teams, while management can rest assured their work meets regulatory requirements and corporate brand standards. MACH3 also supports efforts to recruit more top originators.

Drive business to the point-of-sale

Prosper in the purchase market

Expedite marketing compliance

Recruit and retain top talent

Boost loan originators’ productivity

Nurture referral partner relationships

Maximize marketing ROI

Maintain brand consistency